What Egg Producers should know about the 2021 Egg Consumer

Consumer behavior is a constantly changing factor in all industries, including the egg industry. Read further to hear about the current trends and aspects that will impact egg producers.

In general, the egg industry is growing, and this is due to several factors. One of these factors is the indisputable health benefits, combined with the convenience of this product1. This reasoning is more prevalent in the western part of the world, as there is an increased focus on health and a balanced diet, which has become an ingrained part of the culture. Furthermore, the surge in popularity of vegetarianism causes many to turn to eggs to receive the essential protein that they need, and the low environmental footprint of eggs also appeals to the 2021 egg consumer2.

However, possibly the biggest factor serving this globally increased demand for eggs is the improved living standards in developing countries. As the average income in these developing countries rises, dietary needs are more easily fulfilled, and people are consuming a greater number of calories from protein sources3. This, along with many more, are the reasons for eggs actually being one of the fastest-growing protein sources in the world2.


New purchasing factors
As touched upon above, there is a greater orientation towards a sustainable world in today’s global population, and this includes consumers in emerging markets4. This is a factor that is becoming increasingly dominant as time goes on, resulting in many industries adapting to this preference of low environmental footprint. Making the fact that eggs are one of the most environmentally sustainable protein sources more known to the average, modern-day consumers can therefore benefit the egg industry even more. An area where egg producers can go in and make even more of a difference in terms of sustainability is in the packaging of the egg products. Innovative packaging companies like Hartmann are leading the way here.

Online shopping is another aspect that plays a big part in consumers’ lives today, and this includes groceries5. Convenience means a great deal to the modern-day consumer, and this is a reason why online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular. This will also have a slight impact on the way the egg industry may operate and provide possible strategic opportunities for egg producers, as shopping becomes more digitalized. Since many consumers describe eggs as being a convenient food and consume this product due to this fact, the likeliness that egg consumers also will opt for online grocery shopping is high. Touching further upon the convenience aspect of consumer behavior; egg producers can use this as an opportunity to diversify their portfolio by creating various egg product to sell on the ready-to-eat market. These kinds of innovations that will make consumers’ lives easier will appeal to the modern-day consumer.

Read more about portfolio diversifying for egg producers here.


Traditional purchasing factors
There are however still several purchasing factors that have been in existence for a long time and are still prevalent to today’s consumers. These are factors such as flavor, convenience, and price6. These are some main aspects that influence consumers, and fortunately, eggs possess these core aspects. As mentioned earlier, eggs are considered an extremely convenient food, both to make and transport to eat on the go. One’s opinion of the flavor of eggs is of course individual, but they are quite neutral when used in cooking. This makes it an ideal choice for most consumers. The last traditional purchasing factor for consumers is the price. Since eggs are one of the cheapest protein sources7, it makes them appealing for many income levels and contributes to increasing the overall level of egg consumption.


Innovation in egg products
Although the traditional purchasing factors are still relevant today, there has come several developments that have led to innovation within egg products. Due to many technical developments, eggs can now achieve a longer shelf life (see: Wave Technology), while still maintaining the quality of the egg. Moreover, the taste of eggs can be improved due to advancements made in the industry. These are fundamental aspects that are increasing the attractiveness of the egg as a food product.

With respect to specific products developed with eggs, baby food has been a large area of advancement. The FDA has now approved the intake of eggs for children as young as 4 months old8. This is huge for the egg industry, as eggs can now be used in baby food and provide a great source of protein to growing children. Eggs are also being used in protein supplements, which is an industry in growth due to the enlarged focus on health in today’s world. Many more developments are expected in the future of the egg industry, as the egg is an extremely versatile product that provides many benefits to its consumers.


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