Reliable, consistent pack labeling

The new SANOVO Pack Labeler is here - learn more about it!

Designed for egg grading and packing stations that want a reliable printer & labeler with a focus on traceability. With its high capacity for pre-pack IDs, including data and 2D barcodes, it ensures every single egg in each pack is traceable to its source. The switch to our printers from your current system is easy too.

This practical feature for our full grading series enhances traceability, providing vital information like the laying date, grade, and origin of eggs right on the pack.

  • Avoid mislabeling: By providing clear, accurate labeling, the Pack Labeler helps reduce the risk of mislabeling, making product recalls less likely.
  • All-In-One Solution: With the Pack Labeler from SANOVO you reduce the number of equipment suppliers in your plant.
  • Easy Integration: Fits well with all SANOVO grading machines, and the upgrade to our reliable labeling technology is straightforward.

We would be happy to discuss the solution with you in a 1:1 session and look forward to supporting you in establishing a reliable, future-proof traceability setup for efficient egg grading.