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Liquid Egg Pasteurization: 3 Reasons to Invest in Ohmic Heating Technology

Our experience with the optimal way of liquid egg pasteurization goes back to the early 2000s. Together with food research centers and universities, we evaluated various technologies within food handling, among other radiofrequency. But is that really the best way to pasteurize liquid egg?

Read the article on 3 reasons to invest in ohmic heating technology to learn more about state-of-the-art liquid egg pasteurization technology for longer shelf life, higher bacteria killing rate, and no product denaturation.

Innovation in Robotic Automation - Case Packer Pro

We are proud to present our brand new Case Packer Pro, the most flexible case packer in the world.

With the Case Packer Pro you can adapt to the ever-changing customer requirements and handle a large variety of different packs and packing patterns. The unique packing head makes it possible!

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04-01-2021 09:41
Interview: Importance of Biosecurity in the egg and poultry industry

In recent times, the topic of biosecurity quickly became more and more important and it is now an aspect that we simply cannot underestimate, above all in the egg and poultry business. Read this interview with Niels Krebs, CEO of SANOVO BIOSECURITY, to learn more.

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A digital transformation

The world is changing where restrictions, such as social distancing and remote working has become our everyday life.

New digital concepts will allow us to work more efficient in the industries we are in. SANOVO has invested in digital technologies to facilitate more effective communication and interaction with our customers — wherever they are in the world.

ISO Certified

We make an effort to maintain an image as a manufacturer of quality equipment and services according to expectations from our customers.

All our equipment fulfill legislation and regulations including ATEX, CE and Food Contact Material, and we are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

A sustainable agenda

For us, responsibility (Company Karma) covers everything from our employees showing social responsibility by volunteering to coach the local football team, to our company project providing free equipment for a hen farm in Swaziland to reducing energy usage at our plants.

We believe that these kinds of initiatives need to be embedded in our business to make it credible. We try, where possible, to create quadruple winning situations, where we, together with our companies, customers and partners, engage in a cause which we believe in and find important.

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