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"Our vision in Customer Care is to give you the tools to protect your investment. This includes training and education of your operators and maintenance staff"

Olaf B. Poulsen

Project & Customer Care Director, Vice President

We take great pride in everything from supplying the smallest spare part to being a lifetime performance partner. Maximum uptime, high yield, improved product quality – all day – every day is the key to optimizing your business. Know-how from SANOVO Customer Care will help you achieve this goal.

We know that it is not possible to hand over years of know-how, so in cases of more complex problems, we recommend a long-term and secure strategy that includes a customized Customer Care Contract.

Installation with HoloLens

Installation with HoloLens

To ensure maximum equipment efficiency and avoid unnecessary downtime, we are ready to assist you remotely with HoloLens technology. It provides a quick access to our trained experts with effective troubleshooting.

In the video below you can explore how our customer, Cascina, in Italy has used the technology together with us. 

In the video you can explore how our customer, Cascina, in Italy has used the HoleLense technology together with us.



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