All our equipment fulfill legislation and regulations including ATEX, CE and Food Contact Material. We follow the European EHEDG standard when developing our machines.

This is ensured through compliance of legal requirements, risk management, corrective and preventive actions as well as continuous improvement of the quality system’s efficiency. The management is actively involved together with our internal audit teams, and we educate our employees and urge them to participate actively in the quality work.

Key Objectives:

  • Production and delivery of high-quality products and turn-key projects at all times
  • Ensure quality processes in all parts of the organization in order to keep quality requirements and delivery dates
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys with evaluation
  • Continuous adjustment to market demands
  • Establish a corporate culture that puts quality first at all times at all organizational levels
"We want to appear as an attractive and trustworthy partner who keeps agreements, and our products must at any time be perceived as quality products"


ISO Certified
ISO Certified

All production units within SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

ISO Certification Denmark

ISO Certification Italy

ISO Certification Netherlands

ATEX Certified
ATEX Certified

ATEX is the abbreviation for Explosive Atmosphere. As dust can cause explosion in the right conditions, protective systems are a requirement for Spray Dryers.

We work according to the EU directive 2014/34.

Read more about ATEX in our spray dryers.

Food Contact Material (FCM)
Food Contact Material (FCM)

Producers and importers of food contact materials must provide a declaration of compliance for their food contact materials together with additional supporting information on their food safety management system including e.g. migration test results.

All components in our equipment are in compliance in relation to food contact materials. You can find the declaration by the item number by following the link below.

CE Marking
CE Marking

All our equipment meet all the legal requirements for the CE marking including all safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. We carry out the conformity assessment, set up the technical files, issue the EU declaration of conformity, and affix the CE marking on all our equipment.