New digital concepts will allow us to work more efficient in the industries we are in. 

We have invested in digital technologies to facilitate more effective communication and interaction with our customers — wherever they are in the world. 

Installation with HoloLens

Installation with HoloLens

To ensure maximum equipment efficiency and avoid unnecessary downtime, we are ready to assist you remotely with HoloLens technology. It provides a quick access to our trained experts with effective troubleshooting.

In the video below you can explore how our customer, Cascina, in Italy has used the technology together with us. 

In the video you can explore how our customer, Cascina, in Italy has used the HoleLense technology together with us.

"We utilize technology to improve our performance and provide better products and service for our customers"

Lars Kops

Head of Digitalization

Utilization of 3D tools

Utilization of 3D tools

We use 3D to a wide extent. Have you ever wondered how your egg ends up in the supermarket? Have a walk inside a grading station and explore.



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