Being the world largest supplier of equipment to the egg industry we are committed to continue challenging ourselves to discover, design and deliver the most innovative solution​s that can meet the world’s growing demand for proteins.

Our state-of-the art production units and main sub-suppliers play a major role to ensure the best technical solutions to the market. With our headquarters in Denmark and regional offices around the world, we are always within easy reach.

Have a look into our diverse group of companies within egg, hatchery, spray drying, robotics, enzymes, poultry, traceability, biosecurity and food safety.


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Egg Handling & Processing
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Spray Drying, Pasteurization of Industrial Applications
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Biosecurity & Food Safety
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Production units

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY DENMARK is the headquarters for the entire group. It is production unit and competence center for all egg processing machines; breakers, loaders, hard-boiled, washers etc. The factory is located in Odense, Denmark and holds more than 170 employees.



SANOVO TECHNOLOGY NETHERLANDS B.V. is our production unit and competence center for all grading and packing machines to the egg industry. The factory is located in Aalten, The Netherlands and holds more than 130 employees.


SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ITALIA s.r.l. is our production unit and competence center for all machines within liquid handling of eggs; pasteurization, CIP, SCADA, WAVE etc. The factory is located in Marano Vicentino, Italy and holds more than 40 employees.


The RAME-HART Egg Inoculator and Harvester machines are used by biological vaccine manufacturers around the world to produce egg-cultured vaccines for human or veterinary applications. The sales office is placed in USA and the production is done at our headquarters in Denmark and in the USA.


SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS A/S is our production unit and competence center for robotic automation located in Odense, Denmark. 



SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS is an independed subsidiary for spray drying and pasteurization of industrial applications and is located in Odense, Denmark.


NIKRO s.r.o. has been designing, producing and offering engineering services for more than 20 years. It deals with the production of machinery and equipment for the food industry, production of parts for construction machines and mechanism. The company manufactures stainless steel products: pressure and non-pressure vessels, reservoirs and pipe fittings.

NIKRO s.r.o. is located in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia.



Sales & Service Offices

Located in Plymouth, USA the office covers USA and Canada with own sales and service employees. 


Located in Kuala Lumpur the office covers Asia and Oceania with own sales and service employees. 


Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil the office covers Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil with own sales and service employees.  



Located in Querétaro Qro, Mexico the office covers the northern part of South America with own sales and service employees. 


Located in Tokyo, Japan the office covers the country with own sales and service employees. 


Located in Shanghai, China the office covers the country with own sales and service employees. 


Biosecurity & Food Safety

With the combined application of steam and ultrasound (SonoSteam) delivered from specially designed nozzles, this technology can provide efficient microbial control for food industries and health care sectors. the company is located in Brøndby, Denmark.


Located at our headquarters in Odense, Denmark the company has a partnership with DSM Food Specialties in supplying functional ingredients and know-how to the egg processing industry; with a focus on enzymes to improve the functional properties of egg products.

Poultry Processing Equipment

Located in Topeka, USA FOODCRAFT is supplying customers worldwide with poultry cut-up, deboning, defeathering and hock cutting equipment. We support all manufactured machines with original or upgraded components from our extensive inventory of replacement parts.


In-Ovo Vaccination

SANOVO VAX develop and provide advanced in-ovo vaccination systems to help hatcheries cost effectively improve flock health and increase poultry production. The sales office is placed in USA and the production is done at our headquarters in Denmark.


Strategic Partnerships


Ovotrack Holding is a company that develops, installs and supports traceability and inventory management solutions for egg grading centers, egg processing plants and hatcheries. The solutions for hatcheries are marketed by the sister company Hatchtrack BV. Ovotrack is located in Amerongen, The Netherlands (HQ) and Kalona IA, USA (support office USA and Canada).

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and Ovotrack Holding BV have made a strategic alliance. Ovotrack will continue to operate independently with own CEO.



Giordano Poultry Plast S.p.A. is a company producing plastic equipment and components for the poultry industry. GI-OVO is a division under Giordano Poultry Plast that produces logistic solutions as well as packaging dedicated for the egg industry. GI-OVO supplies 4 global brands and numerous other packaging’s: EggsCargoSystem® – HatchCargoSystem® – Eggyplay® and Pallet&Co®. 

Giordano Poultry Plast is located in Caraglio, Italy and GI-OVO in Barneveld, The Netherlands.

The setup is a joint venture between Giordano Poultry Plast S.p.A. and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.



Packaging Solutions

Are you looking for sustainable packaging? Tap into Hartmann and experience their packaging options that will help you increase performance.

We closely collaborate with Hartmann, which is also a part of the THORNICO conglomerate.