Reverse Osmosis for High Liquid Egg Concentration

We developed a High Concentration plant using reverse osmosis that is fully fine-tuned for the production of high-quality egg powder. With this, we can achieve a 33% concentration rate of the liquid without compromising powder quality (as opposed to the 22% industry standard).

The Egg White Concentration Plant is configured to increase the dry matter of the liquid egg before drying, significantly reducing the load on the egg dryer. As a result, your total energy consumption used to run the dryer is massively reduced, saving overall production costs.

With ultra filtration and reverse osmosis, we offer two different filtration methods to increase the dry matter of your product and meet your requirements. Our newest research on treating liquid egg white shows reverse osmosis with a concentration rate of 33 % as the most efficient method.

  • Increased dryer capacity by up to x4
  • Lower production costs
  • High-quality egg white powder

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