Want to get started with Powder Processing?

Check out our brand new SGA 10 Spray Dryer model, specifically designed for small production capacities.

There is a business in powder production - and the SGA 10 is your entry ticket.

With spray drying, you can turn suitable liquid products into powder, and all the benefits that come with it. But if you don't know where to start, our experts are here for you! 

Get a free introductory meeting at the following link and feel free to ask us question, we will be happy to assist you.

More about the SGA 10

This solution was designed with optimized installation and commissioning processes in mind. This is because we want small businesses to get up and running with testing, developing, and scaling high-quality, innovative powder products as fast as possible.

Learn more about the SGA 10 and watch the video introduction to this spray drying solution for start-ups and scale-ups in powder production.