True Traceability and the importance of data accessibility and flexibility


As an egg producer, it is hard to move around the food handling and processing industry without meeting the term food safety. Egg traceability plays a vital part in this – all to protect the nutritious egg products produced and consumed.

In egg grading, food safety is ensured by using machines that are designed and constructed with food contact material approved parts, utilize advanced cleaning technology, and work with software that is keeping track of the egg along the supply chain.


Where are the eggs coming from, and where are the eggs going to?

The European General Food Law requires egg traceability in grading centers. Next to that, other quality systems like Kat, IKB, Lion code, USDA, and Chinese authorities recognize the need for full traceability.

This is increasing the pressure coming from retailers to producers in regard to traceability – and that calls blockchain solutions onto the agenda. Solutions based on blockchain enable you to reliably track the egg up-and downstream of the supply chain. But for this, production and operations data need to be available and accessible by the technology used today.


21st century grading – Software is everything

GraderPro is designed to match today’s standards, making “live” grading floor data remotely available to you – and your customers. In that way, you can contribute to producing safe products, reducing potential recall costs, and lower collateral damage. Because you would be able to answer origin and location questions down to every single egg. At every time, everywhere.

The GraderPro with the latest egg grader IT infrastructure gives you the possibility to upload traceability data into the cloud or share it with the rest of the supply chain via modern API-based technology. Why is that interesting for egg producers? It turns you into one of the most reliable packing stations and supply chain partners.

Transparency and easy access to data allow to work more efficiently with partners and customers. This is reducing manual, administrative processes (purchasing, order handling, stock keeping) that ultimately increases your ROI per egg. This in combination with food safety compliance and the easy access and use of the data will contribute to the true traceability promise to all stakeholders.


Be prepared for tomorrow’s standard

We are committed to partner up with your business to establish full traceability along the value chain.


David Kessels
Chief Product & Business Manager
Egg Packing & Grading