SonoSteam Technology Reduces Pathogens on Broilers with up to 98%

Poultry meat is the most consumed of all meat and undercooked poultry has a high risk of causing food poisoning. How can we contribute to improving food safety? 

SANOVO Biosecurity presents a solution for freshly slaughtered broilers. The SonoSteam system reduces bacteria by up to 98% when directly applied inline on the freshly slaughtered broilers' surface just before packaging.

SonoSteam is a chemical-free technology that applies a combination of steam and ultrasound produced simultaneously from specially designed nozzles. The system can be applied at most poultry production lines running from 6,000-15.000 broilers/hour. The SonoSteam system is already being applied on several production lines in Europe, processing more than millions of broilers every week and contributing to the overall food safety and adding value to the product through increased shelf-life.

Important facts you need to know about your food:

Every year, 1 in every 10 fall ill due to food-borne illnesses. More than 420.000 people die from the disease. Children under the age of 5 are most vulnerable and affected by the disease. Foodborne diseases lead to a wide range of other diseases ranging from diarrhea to cancer.


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