Pasteurizing Ice Cream

Tests have proven that our WAVE technology pasteurizer is very suitable for pasteurizing ice cream.

Conventional pasteurization with the heat transferred from a hot surface is damaging a lot of products in the food industry, as several properties such as taste, flavor, texture, and the natural functional properties are damaged.

However, conventional pasteurization in combination with SANOVO Wave has proven to have a very positive impact on the natural properties of food products and, due to a higher reduction of bacteria, extend the shelf life. This is true, and it is possible to reduce the temperature in the conventional pasteurizer in with an instant and uniform heating of the product in the SANOVO Wave.

The system has been applied to different liquid products, with big improvements when compared to traditional pasteurizers and sterilizers. The internal heat generation makes all the difference, when compared to heating through a hot surface, as in tubular or plate heat exchangers.

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