SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP complies with new proposed traceability regulations in the USA

Last month, the FDA in the USA published a proposal for an add-on to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to establish additional traceability recordkeeping requirements. The proposed rule, ‘Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods,’ applies to producers of all foods on the Food Traceability List, which includes shell eggs.

When finalized, the proposal will standardize the data and information that egg producers and processors must record and maintain, and the information they must send to their customers to facilitate rapid and accurate traceability.

Why is this important to you?

For you, as an egg producer, this new requirement will increase the pressure coming from retailers regarding traceability. It is difficult to move through the industry of food handling without running into food safety regulations. The European General Food Law introduced in 2005 requires egg traceability in grading centers. This law is there to protect consumable egg products, and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the market leader in Europe regarding the traceability of shell eggs.

The SANOVO egg grading machines are designed and constructed with food contact material approved parts, utilize advanced cleaning technology, and work with egg traceability software. The tracing software in the machines is developed by our partner Ovotrack. Ovotrack is global supplier of traceability and inventory management solutions for egg grading centers, processing plants and hatcheries. and their software is fully compliant with this new regulation.

What do we offer to support you?

The SANOVO Alpha, Ardenta and Optigrader packing and grading machines have traceability options to be compliant with this new FDA regulation. To take traceability a step further the latest development of SANOVO the GraderPro offers detailed single egg traceability. “Every egg has a tag”, from the first detection system in the grader, the software tracks every single egg until packed in the carton, case, or pallet. Egg tracing enables you to track your eggs back to where they come from. All the machines work with the modern API-based technology, data can be shared in the cloud and you can upload and share data with everyone within the supply chain. By doing this, you become one of the most reliable packing companies and supply chain partners and you are compliant with the new regulations.

Contact us if you need help getting ready for the new Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods for shell eggs.