Press release – Innovative Egg Breaking Technology

The world around us is changing. A growing world population and an increasing scarcity of resources like proteins urge the food processing industry to act, for example through waste reduction and yield increase of raw products.

The UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021 shows that food waste alone accounts for 931 million tons, of which 26% come from the food service sector. Additionally, both the consumption of fresh water and disposal of wastewater is becoming an economic burden for the egg processing industry.

Water is not an unlimited resource, which every year becomes more evident to us. According to the UN World Water Development Report 2019, 69% of global water withdrawals can be accounted to the agricultural sector, and 19% to industry, which highlights the importance of reducing water consumption in industrial processes like egg processing.

With increasing consolidation efforts in egg businesses comes a more focused approach for improving yield and overall production efficiency, including the reduction of operational costs. As a preferred supplier to this industry, it is our role to provide the right solutions to meet these ambitious targets. That also means to actively facing the challenges that egg processors experience directly at their plants. That’s what we did and why we developed the BreakerPro. An egg breaker, that has the highest yield and most sustainable solutions, enabling the world-class performance of egg processing plants while protecting the environment.

Highest yield in the industry, lowest possible environmental impact


We introduced our first egg-breaking machine in 1963, and constantly improved ever since. Today, around 60 years later, we are still paving the way of how eggs are processed at a large scale and represent the market-leading position in this segment. With the BreakerPro, we improve our customers' business while optimizing the environmental impact of the machine, including the reduction of food waste, which supports an important measure within the UN sustainable development goals. But can an egg-breaking machine live up to these ambitions? Yes, and we can define 4 points of how the BreakerPro does that:

  • Reduced loss of egg white from dripping into wastewater The yolk cup has been optimized with a new angle and depth to eliminate sliding yolks. This results in less product spillage and better overall product quality for our customers. We use food-grade polyethylene cups instead of stainless-steel cups, due to the many advantages, such as better egg white scanning due to less light reflection and up to 40% lower power consumption due to the lower weight.
  • Reduced loss of egg white from shells – The BreakerPro can be equipped with the newly developed egg white recovery unit. It retrieves the egg white hangers sticking to the shells before they are disposed from the breaker. The recovered egg white can now be processed as edible, resulting in up to 0.5% yield increase. With the integrated shell backstop on the optimized egg cracking units, the yield can even be increased by up to 1% in total!

  • Reduced need for water and consumables during cleaning – With the BreakerPro, we eliminated the separate tank and the external piping system for the CIP. Lower footprint and Plug&Play! Instead, the bottom of the BreakerPro is designed as a reservoir, resulting in a 15% reduction of water and a 50% reduction of chemical usage. As an option, a separate pre-flush tank can be installed reducing the water consumption by as much as 40%. 
  • Increased user-friendliness for easier machine operation – The HMI has been completely revolutionized, with a 15.6" multi-color touch panel and easier log-on access through an RFID access card, which can be configured individually for different access levels. Operators always have a clear overview of the capacity and the filling rate. Moreover, you can access to the manuals directly via the HMI, where you will find any operational data you might need. Furthermore, spare part drawings and maintenance videos can be viewed.

The BreakerPro was tested in a live production area as with all products designed and produced by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. Interested egg processors can register now for a discussion about return-on-investment with one of our product experts via this link.