At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we have worked intensively with AI, IoT and blockchain to forward our business development, ensuring that we remain a strong and innovative player in the egg industry and can serve our customers best.


Project covering the entire value chain

Collecting data that benefit our customers

The data collected during this project will, as stated, span throughout the entire value chain - from the point of the egg supplier until the time the egg products are sold and delivered to the end consumer. Our customers can benefit from this data, as it brings them greater economic value. The project is based upon 100% anonymously collected, secure data within a cloud solution. Through mathematical models, AI, and machine learning, we will be able to identify correlations between millions of data points and thereby points of technological improvement opportunities for the entire value chain within the egg industry. This in-depth, intensive data collection will not only allow a more coherent understanding of the individual stages of egg processing but will also give a better understanding of the determinants of consumer behavior in a broader context when purchasing eggs and various egg products.

The large amount of data and knowledge that will be collected over time will benefit us in our development of new technologies for the egg industry, technologies that will also benefit the preventive service of our customers. It can also be used to broaden traceability advances, food safety and reduce the CO2 footprint. These are factors that are brought more into play in the egg industry and will play a big role in how egg producers operate in near future.

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First movers in the industry

A good example of how SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP uses AI technology in machines, is a newly developed crack detection method, the SANOVO Pro Vision AI. As first-movers in the industry, we collect images of the eggs via a camera system, followed by an analysis of those images via a complex algorithm to detect cracks on the eggshell with high accuracy and without touching the egg itself. The system detects both washed white and brown eggs, something which is very rarely seen today due to the complexity the different colored eggs give detection systems. 

Jan-Willem Pennings, R&D Manager at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, states that The crack detection concept is totally non-contact-designed, compared to the available sonic systems in the market. This means no potential further damage to the final product. The system desires no extra transfers with e.g. grippers or change of a carrying surface. Again, less damage through the transfer of eggs. The system is static, so no moving parts, resulting in low maintenance and ultimately operating costs for our customers. In addition to that, no further adjustments regarding egg size are needed, like for sonic systems.

This has significant importance for the further steps within egg processing and especially for the end consumer. As we know, through the intensive data collection, biosecurity and egg consumer safety, in general, is of utmost importance for both suppliers and consumers. As more attention is drawn towards egg safety and more demands are made by governments and consumers in terms of biosecurity, this new crack detection method (SANOVO Pro Vision AI) is following the trends.

Ready for sale during 2022

Ready for sale during 2022

The future has arrived when it comes to vision detection!

We are looking forward to introducing crack detection with Pro Vision AI for white and brown eggs on all our graders during 2022. Furthermore, we expect soon after to introduce same technology for the other detections needed in an egg grader”

Michael Behrendsen, CCO, Vice President at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Great opportunities with AI Technology for the benefit of our customers

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we see great opportunities in the use of AI technology applied to optical-based solutions for improving, optimizing, and increasing automation of the egg industry. It is again data collection and mathematical algorithms that give SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP new opportunities to optimize our machines and equipment, which will ultimately be of great benefit to our customers and partners in the egg industry.


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