Aloha, Waialua Egg Farm!

On the north shore of O’ahu, Hawaii, a completely off-the-grid farm has found its ground, spread over 300 acres. 

The farm, coming out of a partnership between the two large egg production companies Rose Acre Farms, Indiana, and Hidden Villa Ranch, California, is unfolding its' potential for supplying eggs to the Hawaiian community - everything fully sustainable.

With 200.000 layer hens divided over 4 barns, the plant installed a GraderPro 400 and several Case Packers to handle their grading and packing operations.

“We believe in the technology, with lower egg speeds, still high capacity, and of course the individual egg handling. Tracing every single egg from the source all the way into the pack provides guaranteed food safety”, says Michael Sencer, Executive VP of Managing Partner.

Read more about the project here.