Visual Egg Crack Detection Technology!

Innovative solution for more food safety and egg control in egg grading facilities

The Vision AI Crack Detector is a contactless, low-maintenance, highly accurate crack detection module based on vision technology for grading centers, so you can improve your food safety and gain full control over your egg crack detection rates. Tested & proven for more than 2 years.

For the last 20 years, all grading centers relied on crack detection technology based on acoustic measurement of egg cracks. This type of measurement requires a physical contact of the detector with the egg. Looking at other detection systems in a grader responsible for the recognition of an eggs color, degree of dirt, or leaks, vision-based systems are the industry standard in automated grading centers. Cameras, that capture each egg and analyze their state.

This detection method is quite attractive, because it does not require a physical contact with the individual egg and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. Rising food safety concerns and cases in the whole industry are calling for solutions. Now and then we see company’s paying a high price for the cost involved in recalls of end products. Therefore, a contactless detection of egg cracks in the grading process is a highly contributing factor for more food safety in the industry.


But there is even more graders can do for reducing food safety concerns. Current crack detection technology does not allow graders full control over the final product quality and certainly provide room for improvement. In fact, common detection rates are at around 80%, leaving graders with a blind spot of 20% not knowing in which crack state their eggs are in. With a more accurate detection technology, grading stations would gain full control over their detection rates and know exactly which eggs are going in and out the final egg packs.

That is why SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has invested heavily and came up with a vision-based crack detection technology that is based on machine learning. More food safety, less maintenance cost, better accuracy: VisionAI Crack Detector.


The Vision AI Crack Detection module is designed for all GraderPro’s and OptiGrader’s, selectable for new investments, but also developed for retrofit installations. Over time, the database of detected cracks grows and grows, and allows for flexible upgrading of the module for even more accuracy settings, so you gain more control over the handling of every egg and ultimately control the return on investment per egg.

Vision AI comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Better quality control with more accurate detection rates
  • Less risk for cross-contamination due to visual detection
  • Lower maintenance cost for your plant
  • Higher production ROI due to less egg breaks
  • Longer production cycles due to less cleaning time
  • Less cleaning costs 

As frontrunners in the industry, we strive to develop cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Our extensive R&D team looks back on over 65 years’ experience within egg handling, reviewing hundreds of possibilities to improve even the tiniest processes and operations of our equipment. With the vision-based crack detection technology, this time the grading industry experiences a revolution in crack detection. Learn more on