2 million eggs a day - graded & packed or broken & processed

This is Gnaser FrischEi and EiVita in Austria, a combined grading and processing facility. What an operation!

Gnaser FrischEi was founded in the 1970s with the goal to produce cage eggs with a flock of around 25.000 laying hens.

At its peak in the 1980s, the company had around 245.000 laying hens. After Austria entered the EU, the company shifted towards the barn- and organic free-range eggs only.

Today, despite being one of the largest packing stations in Austria, with the EiVita KG the company even integrated an egg powder plant to deal with production surplus!

About the collaboration

"There are alternatives, but SANOVO is a total solution provider, from loading to breaking, pasteurization and drying. The project handling worked fine, they develop best-practice plans for the production setup, own ideas and requirements can also flow into that and are adapted accordingly – it just works with them!"

Andreas Hütter, Managing Director Gnaser FrischEi & EiVita KG


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Interested in what equipment is needed for such an operation? Get in touch with our product experts David Kessels for grading and Tom März Sandholt for processing.