Reduce the cost of production transforming your waste product into valuable profit

With SANOVO ProductRecovery you maximize the return of your liquid egg, avoiding waste.

A prime goal for every egg processing facility is to obtain a high yield from the raw products. Every time we develop projects with our clients and partners we always seek new ways to improve the production processes. We learned that 0.5% - 1.0% of the liquid products are lost during processing, making us think: could we convert this loss into product again?

Now we are happy to present you our solution to transform egg loss during the production phase into valuable business: SANOVO ProductRecovery.

How Does It Work?

The new SANOVO ProductRecovery makes it possible to restore the solid content of the watery egg coming from the filling and emptying phase of any line – both raw and pasteurized. Since your pipes are filled with water during non-production, upon start the water gets pushed out by your liquid product and drains to the ground. When you end your production phase, water is pushing out your product again. In both phases, water gets mixed with your liquid egg which is usually considered loss in your production.
This is where SANOVO ProductRecovery comes into play. Instead of draining, it takes the water-product mix and recovers your valuable product, which can then be integrated again into the production process. The best part: according to tests, the recovered product performs as good as the original product!

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Operation - SANOVO ProductRecovery runs automatically until the product has completely recovered!
  • Easy Cleaning - The system runs the cleaning automatically using the detergents!
  • Complete Product Recovery – The recovered liquid product has proved to have the same functional properties compared to the original product!


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