The industries’ most gentle fertile egg handling system

Our equipment for breeder farmers combined in one complete system.

In more and more countries, the governing institutions responsible for healthy working conditions are introducing regulations that should not be ignored. That also includes manual labor tasks like heavy lifting and better safety requirements on the work floor. Especially for releasing employees from heavy lifting, there are modern solutions that make life on a breeder farm easier – and more efficient.

We at SANOVO constantly observe these trends in the industry and re-think how we can positively contribute to success in our customers’ businesses. That is why we introduce the HatchPerformance Line, an egg handling solution specifically for fertile, vulnerable eggs. These types of eggs require sensitive, careful handling in an automated way to maximize production efficiency. Pre-sorting, gentle transfer into setter trays, and automatic loading into a trolley – ready for transport.

This line is built upon and around well-known and famous equipment within the industry, like the SANOVO Hatchery Packer, and therefore trusted and proven by many farmers already today. Now with the SANOVO HatchPerformance Line we want to increase the focus on providing a solution that gets the absolute most out of a breeder farms business, with:

HatchPerformance Line
Increasing hatchability rates

  • Less risk for cross-contamination
  • Highly consistent packing processes
  • Less risk of egg damages
  • Improved working conditions for operators

What does the HatchPerformance Line consist of?

The line consists of three core modules that can be supplemented with several options. The core modules are an electronic egg grader, an egg packer, and a trolley loader, which together form the base for high quality egg supply and by that maximizing hatchability rates.

Coming in from the hen houses, the eggs enter the electronic grader module, sorting out very large and small eggs for separate packing, right before the regular-sized eggs enter the egg packer. Here the eggs are gently conveyed towards the transfer head, which positions the eggs into the setter trays. This is where the automatic trolley loader comes in. Full setter trays are placed into the trolley until filled up and ready for transport to the hatchery station for incubation.

With the full system, breeder farmers prevent physical contact with the fertilized eggs and decrease the risk of contamination causing harm to the embryo or even infecting other eggs, which is increasing our customers supplied egg quality to the hatchery overall.

If you want to learn more about the HatchPerformance Line, visit the product pages of the core equipment of that line here