Technic Day 2017

Annual Tech Day

On 18th March 2017 SANOVO TECHNOLOGY NETHERLANDS participated in the annual local Technic Day.

The Technic-Day is an event to increase the interest in following a technical education, amongst children in the age range of 8 to 12. Companies in our area “Achterhoek” organise this day full of challenging activities. This time it was held in Doetinchem at the company PasReform.

At our stand the young people could try out these activities:
Guess the weight of your egg and
Print your name on your eggs
Denest a carton with the denester
Build your own egg-scale
Check the quality of your eggs

More than 5.000 people visited the Technic-day.
134 children at out stand had a go at guessing the weight of their egg.
We handed out approximately 249 cartons each containing six eggs (total of 1.500 eggs).

The winners are...
1) Twan Moddejonge
2) Ties Krabbenborg
3) Gerdina Bijkerk
4) Jesper Stronks
5) Hanna Singerling
6) Jade
7) Enzo Reulink
8) Adriëlle Stockhorst
9) Nora Gouwswaard
10) Dylan Veerbeek

If you are the winner please contact Gerrie Jetten on email gjn%!%sanovogroup%#%com or by phone 0543-490182.