Revolutionizing Egg Grading with Unmatched Capacity and Precision

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP proudly introduces the GraderPro 800, an innovative leap in egg grading technology, set to redefine industry standards.

Designed for industry leaders, this state-of-the-art grader achieves an unprecedented capacity of 800 cases per hour, featuring the highest capacity of grading machines currently available on the market.

Key features of the GraderPro 800:

  • Lowest Track Speed: Despite its increased capacity, the GraderPro 800 operates at a 25% lower track speed compared to competitors, ensuring gentle handling and maintaining the highest quality of eggs.
  • Two-Lane Infeed System: A design that significantly increases accuracy in crack detection and weighing by ensuring gentle egg handling principles and easy machine accessibility.
  • VisionAI Detection Technology: Experience contactless crack detection with highest accuracy, giving producers more control over the state of the eggs and deciding what should happen to them.
  • Design-integrated Clean-in-Place (CIP) Functionality: Hygiene is not an option with the GraderPro. It is an integrated part of the machine design. A fast way to clean with minimum human resources. Efficient cleaning with no compromises on food safety.
  • Enhanced Number of Tracks: Boasting 8 tracks, the GraderPro 800 can process a larger number of eggs simultaneously, achieving its remarkable capacity.
  • Two-Piece Cascade System: Designed with ergonomics in mind, this feature ensures easy cleaning and optimal performance.

The GraderPro 800 is more than a new capacity model to SANOVOs GraderPro range of machines; it's a demonstration to our dedication to exceeding customer expectations and optimizing the egg grading process. It's designed to help industry leaders achieve better results in their work with best-in-class efficiency and precision.

For more information about the GraderPro 800 and how it can transform your egg grading process, visit or contact your local sales responsible.

Thank you for trusting SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP - we're excited about what the GraderPro 800 can do for you.