Proud of being part of Project Canaan / Heart for Africa in Eswatini

We are proud of being part of Project Canaan / Heart for Africa in Eswatini and their tremendous work for the local community and children.

We have therefore decided to continue our support of the project - this year with 10.000 USD. For this amount, Project Canaan / Heart for Africa can continue:
- to employ the persons who deliver the hard-boiled eggs to the 30 schools and churches whom they partner with;
- to feed the hens on the farm, as the feed prices have become very expensive;
- to repair two solar panels ruined by extreme weather conditions. In fact, solar panels are essential for the SANOVO cooking and cooling machines.

Check out the video where the supervisor Sifiso Nkambule gives you a tour around the barn and explains the impact of our donation. Lucky Manyatsi and Phindile Mkwanazi, who deliver the hard-boiled eggs, share how this job has impacted their lives and the lives of their families.

Learn more about the project here