Product launch - tray stacker SX20

With the SANOVO Traystacker SX20 you can enhance your farm packing operations.

The SANOVO TraystackerSX20 is a product developed to enhance farms with small/medium-sized packing operations.

We know there is limited space on farms, so we design the SX20 as a space-efficient solution that stacks 30x egg trays. Through the ergonomic design, it also supports farm operators and improves their working environment.

The additional automation in the packing process eliminates the manual stacking of full trays and lets the operator focus on the incoming egg flow from hen houses. All that at an affordable price.

The SX20 can be installed on the SANOVO Farmpacker 40, 70, and 24000. It can handle many common plastic trays; SANOVO recommends the EggsCargosystem® sold by GI-OVO.


Key Benefits

  • Space efficient - Compact footprint, optimized stacking, ergonomic design ensures maximum operator efficiency
  • Economical - Cost-efficient choice for farms with 16.000 -30.000+ layers
  • Quality assurance - Automated stacking lets you focus on incoming egg flow

With the SANOVO Traystacker SX20you enhance your farm packing operations. Do you already have a Farmpacker 40, 70 or 24,000? Great!


Here you can see how the SX20 works on a Farmpacker 40 and on a Farmpacker 24000.

SANOVO Farmpacker 40 and the SX20

SANOVO Farmpacker 24000 and the SX20