Press release – One egg grading family for every market size

The rising attention of food safety for legislators and governing entities all over the world is putting pressure on egg businesses. This shift forces producers to ensure compliance with these standards in their own production processes.

The SANOVO Grading machines are designed and constructed with food contact material approved parts, utilize advanced cleaning technology, and work with egg traceability software. The traceability software is developed by SANOVO. A few years ago, we started the introduction of next-generation egg graders with the launch of the GraderPro 400 - 600 to the egg industry. The first machines with the possibility of single egg traceability “every egg has a tag”. Today we introduce the small and medium-size models for egg producers, with our new GraderPro 75 – 220 family to ensure innovative egg grading independent of capacity requirements. 

With the new GraderPro range, egg producers enable themselves to trace the eggs from where they came from into the pack, case, or pallet. With the GraderPro 75-220, egg producers adapt to technologies that ensure efficient, hygienic, safe egg grading and packing processes.  

The most innovative egg grading solution 

With the GraderPro high-capacity models we developed the most innovative egg graders in the industry. The GraderPro helps owners and production managers raising their egg grading to another, new level of industry standard.  

 Now, we take it a step further with the cost-efficient, low-capacity models and respond to the needs our customers expressed. Same modern technology as the high-capacity GraderPro models, with smart improvements to be available in smaller sizes from 75 to 220 cases per hour. The road toward being a leading egg supplier in the industry means integrating the GraderPro as your catalyst for success and provide society with a safe, traceable, reliable source of protein through eggs. It is the solution that decreases production risk and ensures grading success because it complies with food safety regulations while being a transparent, and smart fit into your existing production. 


Benefits of the GraderPro 

To move forward in the development of the products, we are always in close contact with customers. This close contact makes sure we as a company develop machines that are suitable for each producer 

  • The GraderPro is built more ergonomic, the height of the machine frame is lower due to the new denester set-up. This gives the operators a much better overview of the production area and a way to communicate with each other;  
  • The risk of this machine is low because it has approved Food Contact Material (FCM), has Cleaning In Place (CIP), and traceability software;
  • The density of the main track is very narrow which runs a high number of eggs at a lower speed. Resulting in less impact on the eggs with the same high performance of all the SANOVO graders;
  • Evolved transfer from the orientation to the main track gives more efficiency with track speed optimized handing;
  • Finally, the GraderPro 75-220 are manufactured more cost-efficient way which makes it a machine that is better affordable for the small and medium-size grader markets.  

The GraderPro 75-220 models are tested and evaluated in a live production area as with all products designed and produced by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. All tests are finalized, and we are ready to go to market! 

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