Press release – New product for small- and medium sized egg processors

The market for the liquid egg is constantly evolving. Next to the large processors, a wave of new businesses aims to harness the advantages to produce and sell liquid egg to the food sector in their local markets. 

The entry cost of starting a liquid processing plant are usually high and available solutions not flexible enough to meet the changing requirements of new producers over time. 

That is why we are happy to present you with the new SANOVO PrimeLine. With standard production capacities starting at 500 l/h (egg yolk) and 1,000 l/h (whole egg and egg white), PrimeLine is the perfect entry solution for aspiring producers. In need of less/more capacity? No problem, it is easily configurable for you. This flexibility does not only offer the right entry conditions but also allows growth over time due to its modularity. 


Modular and Flexible – Entry-level Processing Plant

The dominant development principle of the PrimeLine was modularity. We completely re-thought the small-scale egg processing plant and designed a standard configuration that produces at high safety standards and provides high product quality.  

However, we added a lot of layout flexibility to the solution, so that it can integrate into a large number of different production environments. On top of that, processors can choose between many available plant optimization options, for example, to increase the degree of automation or to further improve energy efficiency. 

We offer a detailed return-on-investment calculation for interested producers to determine an estimate of the payback period for their requirements. 


Features of the PrimeLine

  • Pay for what you needThe standard model covers all you need to produce a safe, qualitative product. You decide if you want to invest in more than that.
  • No compromise on safety & product qualityIndependent of your investment choices, safety, and quality of the product are always ensured. 

  • Scalable solution As your business grows, your production capacity grows too and requirements may change. PrimeLine is a modular component solution and grows with you - if you want. 


These are just some of the benefits that managers of processing plants get out of an investment into PrimeLine. As with all other equipment designed and produced by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, the PrimeLine is based on proven concepts and has been thoroughly tested. 

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