No. 1 Supplier of Egg Grading and Breaking Systems in America

by Nate Brown

Today, the market for graded table eggs in the US is highly competitive and every single egg counts. The equipment used to grade the eggs is not only high capacity and labor efficient, but it is packed with technology, (some of which is more relevant than other), and have reliable, sophisticated systems and machine software to control the eggs being sorted and packed into a wide variety of packaging materials. Some equipment manufacturers chose to develop systems that are more complex than others, however complexity can be unnecessary and does not always give the customer the best result.

At SANOVO we put ourselves in the seat of the customer and constantly strive to design and engineer highly efficient systems that our customers can operate and maintain at the lowest total operating cost possible. We consider it our responsibility to our customers to keep the design complexity as user-friendly as possible to maximize uptime and yield without compromising quality and performance.

Demands and competition in the egg market are driving the industry into more complex processing and packaging. At SANOVO we engage our customer base to become proactive on developing solutions that meet the demands of the US Egg industry. SANOVO has been first to market with the dual head robotic case packer CP160, we have active prototypes in the US for vision crack detection, we are generating breakthroughs in sanitation with the introduction of SonoSteam (now: SANOVO Biosecurity) and continually growing our portfolio and offerings with partnerships in Ovotrack and Giordano Poultry Plast. As the competition remains reactive to the market needs, SANOVO prides itself on being the technology leader.

The SANOVO grading systems are high capacity systems, able to handle thousands of eggs per minute in the gentlest way possible. Starting with our accumulators, that have the highest fill rates in the market, to our zero speed transfer in the inserter of the OptiGrader, to the final pack run through the state of the art packing lanes; every aspect of the SANOVO Grading Line has been designed with maximum yield and ease of maintenance in mind.

Granted SANOVO does not utilize “ski-lift transfers” within our system. What good is it getting on a ski lift that eventually ejects you in high-speed motion into a plastic vessel moving perpendicular to your current direction? This is why our valued customers continue to choose the SANOVO grading system to optimize their production.

In the US egg market, SANOVO is the number one selling egg grading and processing brand year after year. Over the last decade we have become the Leading Grader & Breaker Supplier in America with and highest Throughput and Yield per Person. The SANOVO Graders are second to none when it comes to gentle egg handling and maximizing grade A.

As mentioned elsewhere, it is not only the initial investment that counts, but the life cycle operating costs and bottom-line earnings that make up the big picture. The complete package offered by SANOVO honors what is important to the egg producers and processors in the US which is why the majority of new grading systems in the market are carrying the SANOVO brand.

All of this is backed with the best know-how, service and support in the industry. We are pleased that the egg producers in our market continue to choose SANOVO as their preferred supplier. At SANOVO we focus on the percentage and the quality of the eggs that are packed as the best indicator of benefits in our design to our customers. Based on the success SANOVO has in the market, the customers must agree.

Nate Brown
Vice President