SANOVO Case Packer Pro

More automation flexibility requirements in egg grading and packing centers

During the last decadethe egg packing industry in Europe and Asia has experienced a growing variety of non-standardized egg carton shapes, sizes, and packing patterns. Furthermore, often egg cartons come in many materials and qualities. 

To maintain competitiveness in this industry, egg producers must enable themselves to automate packing processes but at the same time handle the different, customer-demanded cartons, cases, and pallet designs. Adapting this will not only have an impact on better production efficiency but also on operator satisfaction in the workplace. 

The most flexible case packing solution available

That is why we developed the SANOVO Case Packer Pro, an egg packing solution specifically designed for the European and Asian markets. The guiding principle of the Case Packer Pro during the development phase was to obtain maximum flexibility to handle all kinds of egg packing cases and cartons.


We are proud to say that the Case Packer Pro can handle the most different types of packing patterns than any other robot on the market. The multi-functionality gripper head makes it possible and reduces production downtime, even when handling different cases and cartons. The huge, non-standardized variety of packaging options was a decisive factor to invest heavily in flexibility.

The robotic equipment easily integrates into existing grading and packing operations. Considering the little production space that is often available here, it comes in a compact, hygienic design that saves floor space. Usability is thought into every aspect of the machine, making the Case Packer Pro a safe, operator-friendly system that is easy to maintain and clean. To provide full automation, it can be integrated into common egg tracing systems like Ovotrack. 

We focused on the most crucial elements of an egg packing solution that is modernizing operations. That said, egg producers can choose between different options and configurations of the machine, to receive a tailor-made and thereby cost-effective robotic solution.

Benefits of the Case Packer Pro

Highest packing flexibility in the industry – Based on a feasibility study of many different egg packs and cases in Europe and Asia, the Case Packer Pro was developed to handle patterns of 4 to 8 eggs wide and 16 eggs long with further customization possible. This is unique on the market, providing plant managers to adapt to their customer requirements without compromising on the robotic automation of the plant.

Less downtime by the use of standard components – We prioritized manufacturing the machine with standard components to reduce delivery time for parts. On top of that, no special tools are required to maintain the equipment, further reducing downtime and service cost. Cost-efficient and operator-friendly

Compatible with common grader brands – Egg producers should not be limited by the type of grader they own to invest in robotic automation of their production plant. Therefore, the Case Packer Pro can be integrated into all common graders on the market.

These are just some of the benefits that plant managers of egg grading and packing centers will gain. As with all other equipment designed and produced by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, the Case Packer Pro has been thoroughly tested and its performance measured and evaluated in a live production environment.

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