Every increase in yield matters

In the egg processing industry, every increase in yield matters. But did you know that a simple switch from yeast to enzymes could potentially boost your egg white powder yield?

We've just published a new article that delves into the power of enzymes, specifically Maxapal GO4® and C10, and how this different de-sugaring approach can result in higher yield. 

Our trials have shown a yield increase of up to 4% when using these enzymes. That's a game-changer in times of high white powder prices and in an industry where generally every percentage point counts. 

Whether you're dealing with liquid egg white, whole egg, or yolk fractions, we discuss the potential adaptations needed and the importance of conducting trials to determine optimal conditions.

At SANOVO, we're committed to helping our customers explore and implement these innovative solutions. We even offer on-site texts and free trials based on customer samples. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your egg white powder production.

Check out the article and let's harness the power of enzymes together!