A breaking machine from 1969

Still in production after more than 48 years!

Our equipment is built to last with a robust design and high quality - just have a look at the SANOVO 400 Egg Breaking and Separating machine from 1969, which is still running today 48 years after it left the factory in Denmark.

Beginning of 2016, our Service department was contacted by a customer in Switzerland. He wanted to know if we could assist him with some spare parts as his machine needed a minor update. We always take great pride in helping our customers and do our outmost to supply spare parts, but when we heard that the machine was more than 48 years old, we were in doubt if we could assist him. After some investigations and considering old drawings, we could find all spare parts needed except for one minor rubber strip for the rollers.

When we say that our equipment is built to last, we mean it!


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