On the 21th of August eleven Danish Ambassadors visited our headquarters in Denmark.



The eleven ambassadors were actually a part of a bigger event called “Made in Denmark” and counted in total 80 ambassadors visiting their home country. The ambassadors were visiting a string of Danish high-tech production companies to gain insight into innovation, research and development to help Danish companies enter new markets.  We welcomed the ambassadors from: Israel, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mali, Serbia.

We had an interesting discussion about the movement from industry 3.0, focusing on automation of machines and processes, to industry 4.0 that integrates the digital world with physical production.

We talked among others to Charlotte Slente the Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was very impressed with the development of SANOVO TECHNOGLY GROUP in the latest years and the wide range of our equipment.        

Watch the video below to hear what Charlotte Slent had to say.


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