A Successful Come-back to In-Person Exhibitions

The International Production and Processing Exhibition is the largest event in the egg and poultry industry, and so it has been for the past years. Its focus has never shifted away from innovation and technology, the focal points in the production and processing industry. 

Last month we had the pleasure of exhibiting at IPPE 2022 again. Due to the current pandemic, and the wave of Covid Omicron variant raging around the globe, we can say that the show was different from previous years. But, as we know, “different” doesn’t necessarily mean “worst”! 

First, many of the participants came from North America, and some from Central and South America, due to the uncertainty of the situation. This has also put a limit to the participation of some of our European and International colleagues, unfortunately. 

Regardless of this travel difficulty, the BreakerPro launch took the stage and got the attention it deserves. With its new features and innovative design, the BreakerPro represents the greenest generation of egg processing solutions that not only enhance the yield but also reduce the environmental footprint of the production process.  

But the BreakerPro was not alone on the exhibition floor! 

We also displayed an automatic valve cluster with a SCADA system, while automation was represented with the best-selling case packer in North America, SANOVO CP160, and our new AGV solution.  

What about grading? 

Of course, we had one of our latest additions to the grading solutions on the show floor. The new mid-size GraderPro series was represented with a GraderPro 220 and a pair of Optipackers, to illustrate the features and benefits of the two different grading systems offered by SANOVO. Because of that, a lot of grader users came by and provided a lot of valuable feedback on the developments SANOVO has accomplished over the past few years.  

Regarding the poultry industry, on our booth it was possible to discover more about our Hatchery Packer, which was connected to a trolley loader and mounted with a SonoSteam device, showing the latest technology at the disposal of the most updated hatcheries. Finally, RAME-HART had also its time to shine with the RAME-HART Inoculator for the pharmaceutical industry.  

Another special addition to this year’s booth was the presence of our colleagues from Ovotrack and Hartmann, and this setup created a foundation for good collaboration and high-quality solutions for the industry. 


Thanks for visiting!