Our spare parts concept

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP’S original spare parts have the advantage of fitting quickly and easily. They also have a long service life and can be supplied many years after the machine was first purchased.

We stock more than 10,000 parts, and our intelligent, global storage and logistics system makes it possible to operate with short delivery times.

We provide you with a 'First Aid Stock' that contains the critical parts you might need, and we have 'Wear and Tear' parts, which can be shipped regularly or by express shipping in time for your scheduled maintenance or rebuild.

We have divided our spare parts into three different categories:

Critical Parts 
Thinking of those unforeseen problems – a burnt-out motor, a failing gearbox, etc. – that usually occur right in the middle of production and might lead to expensive downtime. SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has created a 'First Aid Stock' that contains the critical parts you might need in such an emergency.

Wear and Tear Parts
With a regular shipment or an express shipment, you can plan your scheduled maintenance or rebuild, knowing that the parts will arrive on time. All you need is a little time for planning.

Special Parts
SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP’S equipment is built to last, and we often receive requests for parts for very old equipment. We do not stock large quantities of special parts, so in these cases, please allow for a little longer delivery time.


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