It is Time to Celebrate!

This year, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and RAME-HART are turning 60, while SANOVO TECHNOLOGY NETHERLANDS is turning 65.

Our story is not about how one egg turned into 20 chickens, but it is about how we became the Worlds’ leading manufacturer of egg handling and processing equipment - and how we continuously help our customers turn eggs into valuable business.

We are a company with strong roots and a long history. It all began 60 years ago where SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP was founded, and since then, eggs in both raw, fluid, and powder form have been part of our DNA. 

All this is something we would never have achieved without your trust. Thank you!

Watch the video below to know more about our history so far.



On the 28th of October, all our offices around the world celebrated the SANOVO anniversaries at 2 pm, local time. 

As you can see from the pictures below, everyone had a nice piece of cake and celebrated while watching the special anniversary movie. Moreover, every office received a SANOVO clock made by one of our colleagues in Denmark, Torben Dahm!