Egg packaging developments and impact on grading systems

Developments within the packaging industry are becoming more innovative and are creating optimization throughout the value chain, especially within egg grading. Read further to hear more about these developments and how they are impacting production lines.

Synergies across the group
SANOVO Graders have always been provided with the most advanced technology available and with a wide range of different capacities, able to handle all sorts of different packaging throughout the world. Hartmann, which is a part of Thornico, just like SANOVO, has developed the egg industry as well with their innovative packaging, going beyond the basic needs of an egg carton used as a vessel to transport eggs safely from one stop to the next. These two companies complement each other and bring a synergy effect to their many customers when used together.


Developments in egg packaging
Hartmann created their first egg packaging in 1965 to meet the basic need of having a safe vessel to transport eggs in for customers, being among the first to industrially produce molded fiber egg packaging. Already at this stage, Hartmann made their egg packaging from 100% waste paper. After use, the packaging could be recycled to save raw materials, reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate the increasing problem of waste disposal. As a leading manufacturer of molded fiber egg packaging, Hartmann's drive for sustainability has not stopped at this point. The company strives to create and improve upon sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

A few instances where Hartmann has done that is for example removing an extra flap on some of their products, which is found on most egg cartons today to reduce the space requirement per unit. This may not seem like much, but this means that more eggs can be placed per pallet. Although the same amount of pallets/crates can be placed in one truck, now they are able to deliver more eggs per truck, reducing the number of trucks and transportation trips needed. This reduces CO2 emission significantly and is more cost-efficient for customers. The use of paper instead of virgin fibers to create these egg packages also has a huge impact on the environment and sustainability.

These actions are very much in line with SANOVO’s values, as we constantly strive to improve the function of our machines in order to reduce aspects such as water and electricity usage. This is again both benefitting the environment and reducing the cost to our customers. The alignment of SANOVO and Hartmann’s values allows Grader customers to ensure that both their machinery and packaging work for improving their value chain in many of the same aspects.


Impact on egg graders
Similar to most machinery in any industry, there can be benefits to using different materials in each machine, affecting its optimal functionality. SANOVO Graders are very effective and perform at optimal capacity no matter the type of material the egg packaging is made out of. However, Hartmann’s molded fiber egg packages are easier for the Graders to handle – optimizing production for customers and acting as a complementary product.

Hartmann egg cartons have such a high quality that SANOVO denesters have no problems handling them. The material quality is important, as deformations of the egg packages can cause problems in the denesting operation. Furthermore, Hartmann egg packaging shows great performance in regard to package closability on the packing lane. Once closed, the lid sits tight and is simply ready to be packed into the crates at the end of the lanes.

Potential regulations on unsustainable packaging
Another factor for managers of grading centers to have in mind is future regulation pertaining to packaging. In the US, for example, there is evidence indicating that plastic packaging will be banned within the next few years. Many grading centers have adapted to more sustainable packaging already, and we as suppliers are helping to ensure a smooth transition from one packing material to the next for our customers. Due to the complimenting factors between Hartmann egg packaging products and SANOVO grading systems we are happy to provide the optimal grading & packing solution to customers worldwide.