Product launch: SANOVO ProductRecovery

A prime goal for every egg processing facility is to obtain a high yield from the raw products. Every time we develop projects with our clients and partners we always seek new ways to improve the production processes. We learned that 0.5% - 1.0% of the li...


Ice Cream Pasteurization

Conventional pasteurization with the heat transferred from a hot surface is damaging a lot of products in the food industry, as several properties such as taste, flavor, texture, and the natural functional properties are damaged. However, conventional pa...


World egg day 2018

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we love eggs! 12th of October 2018 is world egg day and we are happy to celebrate this great day.  Eggs are one of the most important and oldest food resources on the globe since it is one of nature’s greatest sources of protei...



On the 1st of October 2018, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP will establish a new company together with Gibotech with 50% shareholding by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and 50% shareholding Gibotech.  Gibotech is a danish company that develops, implements and does maint...



On the 1st of October 2018, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP will establish a new wholly owned independent subsidiary, called SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS. The new company’s main activity is to develop, produce and market horizontal spray drying machines suitable fo...


Ambassadors visit our Headquarters

The eleven ambassadors were actually a part of a bigger event called “Made in Denmark” and counted in total 80 ambassadors visiting their home country. The ambassadors were visiting a string of Danish high-tech production companies to gain insight into in...


How to process eggs

We have gathered all our experience and knowledge within egg processing in a handbook with the aim to serve as a guide for you as an egg processor. This guidebook will explain all the steps within egg processing - breaking, separation, pasteurization, con...



The STAALKAT brand name that has represented high quality for over sixty two years will be replaced in the market with the brand name SANOVO.EVERYTHING STAYS THE SAMEThe brand name STAALKAT might become part of our history, but the team, the machines, the...


Headquaters ISO 9001:2015 certified

One of the many benefits of the ISO certification is that it keep us focused on constant improvements and help us streamline our processes, making us proactive in our daily operations. Providing products and services that meet our customer’s requirements...


Press release - Joint venture

After several months of active contacts, the Giordano family accepted the request received from the Danish industrial group SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, world leader in the industrial technologies sector linked to eggs and egg-products, to enter with a minority share in the capital of Giordano Poultry Plast S.p.A.

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