Egg Powder Ingredients – Global Awareness of Safety and Quality Assurance

Food processing is an increasingly delicate subject for all stakeholders in the food supply chain – from production, over wholesale, to retail. Everyone is paying more and more attention to food safety and implement systems to trace and evaluate the processes of how the product flows through the value chain. 



Everyone must follow health and safety legislation equally!

Protect your people and prevent explosions with certified equipment! Every day we want to go to work feeling safe in our jobs. We expect our employers to create an environment in which we can thrive and get the best out of what we are capable of, without worrying about our own safety. But how can egg producers act on that?


No. 1 Supplier in the US egg industry

At SANOVO we put ourselves in the seat of the customer and constantly strive to design and engineer highly efficient systems that our customers can operate and maintain at the lowest total operating cost possible. We consider it our responsibility to our customers to keep the design complexity as user-friendly as possible to maximize uptime and yield without compromising quality and performance.


SANOVO enters worldwide agreement with JigLabs

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has signed a worldwide exclusive license agreement with JigLabs to further develop optical-based computer vision system, utilizing artificial intelligence for future implementation in crack detection systems.


Press release - SANOVO acquires SonoSteam

SANOVO acquires all assets, patents, trademarks, name rights, production premises and 5 members of the technical staff related to the SonoSteam activity and will in the future be a part of SANOVO Biosecurity A/S with the current Division Director, Niels Krebs from SonoSteam, continuing as President.


Press release - Strategic Alliance between Ovotrack and SANOVO

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP recently decided and agreed with the management of Ovotrack on a strategic investment in Ovotrack Holding BV, global supplier of traceability and inventory management solutions for egg grading centers, processing plants and hatcheries. Ovotrack will continue to operate independently and Job Beekhuis will remain as CEO for both Ovotrack BV and Hatchtrack BV.


Product launch: SANOVO Traystacker SX20

  The SANOVO TraystackerSX20 is a product developed to enhance farms with small/medium-sized packing operations. We know there is limited space on farms, so we design the SX20 as a space-efficient solution that stacks egg trays. Through the ergonomic d...



Today it is 10 years ago that we with Sanovo Process Solutions A/S started our partnership with DSM Food Specialties. Our Chairman of the board, Thor Stadil, said in September 2009: “By joining forces with DSM, we’re convinced we have chosen the best com...


Product launch: SANOVO ProductRecovery

A prime goal for every egg processing facility is to obtain a high yield from the raw products. Every time we develop projects with our clients and partners we always seek new ways to improve the production processes. We learned that 0.5% - 1.0% of the li...

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