Our engagement in facing environmental challenges that are threatening the world

Our globe is constantly confronted with environmental challenges, and notions like global warming, urbanization and lack of renewable energy sources.

Within the principles of ‘globe’, SANOVO strives to minimize any negative environmental impact the we might have. Integrating a concern for the environment into the different businesses is, therefore, a natural part of Company Karma.


  • SANOVO takes precautionary approach to environmental challenges through environmentally sustainable business procedures and technologies.
  • SANOVO is supporting environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Some of the significant risks, we face in relations to our ‘globe’ policy and its activities are wastewater spillage as well as energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Our activities are subject to environmental laws and regulations governing, noise reduction, wastewater treatment, waste disposal as well as CO2 emissions. 
Sustainable Growth

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