Service Contracts


Control your operational costs and ensure the systems’ lifetime with our service contracts

Our equipment is built to last, but as with everything else, it needs care to perform 24/7. We offer you an opportunity to sign up for a SANOVO Service Contract that meets your performance requirements.

Our SANOVO Service Contracts make it easier for you to choose a service that fits your needs and is a better and more secure alternative to firefighting.

All Opti-Family machines (OptiBreakers, OptiLoaders, OptiGraders) automatically come with a standard contract and give access to a customized service contract.

We believe that no matter how similar two facilities are, their maintenance needs are never the same. This is why we specialize in customised SANOVO Service Contracts, which are designed specifically to maximise the return of your investment while minimizing your risks.

When you sign up for our customised SANOVO Service Contracts, we will work with you to make an assessment of your needs. This gives you the basis for selecting the elements that fit your specific requirements.


Customized Service Contracts
Based on your specific business setup
Customized Service Contracts

For each customised service contract, we take a value-engineered approach to determine the appropriate level of service for your organisation. This means that we base your service contract on:

  • Our analysis and understanding of your business operation, daily workflow and equipment maintenance.
  • In-depth know-how of the equipment we install in your production.
  • How often each piece of equipment should be serviced in order to continue to operate at maximum capacity with minimal downtime.