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Improve performance of your egg factory with automation.

Today, robotic automation plays an important role in turning your eggs into a valuable business.

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, R& D and innovation are among our cornerstones, and we can help you introduce a fully automated logistics system to maximise your profits.

In a modern egg factory, you can almost avoid manual operations by automating the time-consuming elements of the production such as palletising, de-palletising, case packing and display loading.

Our robotic automation program offers a number of efficient and flexible robots that are a vital part of any modern egg handling and processing factory. However, robotic automation is not only a question of reducing labour. It relates just as much to increasing biosecurity, the product quality and maximising the yield.


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We had a significant improvement that forced us to adjust our production organisation in terms of both methods and planning.

Denis Geslin, owner Les Æufs Geslin

Les Oeufs Geslin

Firstly, automation of the complete processing line has enabled us to increase the quality of the product we supply to our customers. The automatic control systems are highly reliable and immune to errors caused by distraction.

The fact that the machine is completely washable gives us the certainty of supplying a product that complies with the highest hygiene standards. At the same time, the working conditions of our employees have improved greatly. All heavy and repetitive work is now carried out by the machinery.

Marie Pierre Thomas, Production Manager, and Loic Thomas, Owner, La Fourcade

La Fourcade
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The complexity of today’s modern egg processing and grading installations is very high, and in order to work optimally, all aspects of the plant must be integrated.

When you place an order with us, you become a part of a dedicated global organisation who will strive to make your production and business a success.

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