Enzymes for Modified Egg Products

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Enzyme-modified egg yolk, also called 'heat stable egg yolk', is one of the fastest growing products in the egg industry.

Enzyme-modified egg products are widely used in the mayonnaise and dressing industry. We can supply you with the required enzymes, technology and processing know-how to produce both liquid, powders and blends. Furthermore, we can train your organisation in the benefits that your customers can get from buying enzyme-modified egg products from you.



  • Pure, non-animal derived phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzyme
  • Improves egg yolk and whole egg emulsifying properties

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Enzymes White Paper
The use of enzymes in yolk and whole egg products

The use of enzymes during the processing of yolk and whole egg products considerably improves the functional properties in terms of emulsification and solubility of egg powders.


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