All-inclusive integrated liquid egg processing plant

For existing egg processing plants, the SANOVO StreamLine is ideal as a secondary line which can be used for running special products like organic products or products containing enzymes or additives.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP designs and builds processing solutions for some of the largest egg-processing factories in the world. The pasteurisation of egg products is traditionally an energy-intensive process and one which requires specially trained staff. However, the SANOVO StreamLine now enables small-scale liquid plants to produce finished egg products which have the same high quality as those from large processing facilities. Meanwhile, staff require minimal training to be able to operate the equipment.

The SANOVO StreamLine is ideal for small producers like layer farms or grading/packing stations that want to further process off-grades into safe, convenient pasteurised egg products.


Effective, small-scale equipment capable of producing pasteurised egg products which match the quality of large processing facilities.

StreamLine 1000-1 - One liquid product - 1,000 litres/hour

StreamLine 1000-2 - Two liquid products - 1,000 litre/hour

StreamLine 200-1 - One liquid product - 200 litres/hour


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Functional Ingredients

Improve your final product with MAXAPAL® A2

MAXAPAL® A2 is a pure, non-animal derived phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzyme that helps to improve egg yolk and whole egg emulsifying properties. You will be able to produce enzyme-modified egg yolk, also called 'heat stable' egg yolk.


We chose the SANOVO StreamLine because it fulfilled all of the above-mentioned characteristics in a complete skid-mounted plant,' says David Allwright. 'The benefits of this installation are numerous; the final liquid egg products are of the highest standard in the industry.

David Allwright, Managing Director of Eikenhof Poultry Farms and The Free-Range Chicken Farm

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