Minimum amount of no-breaks and product loss
Stress Free Eggs

In order to remove any stress on the egg, the breaker bar is tilted against the direction of movement thus synchronising the speed of the breaker unit with the roller table.

The breaker unit has been designed to make sure that no shells are lost into the product.

100% CIP Cleanable
Hygienic Design

All internal parts of the SANOVO OptiBreaker are CIP cleaned. CIP cleaning is made possible by a very hygienic design allowing only vertical or round parts.

In this process the CIP liquids are collected and recycled, reducing manpower and water requirements to a minimum.

Playing It Safe
Highest Operator Safety in the Industry

The SANOVO OptiBreaker has the highest operator safety in the industry and complies fully with all regulations in the CE Directive.

All risk areas are fully capsulated by fences or doors with safety switches. All fences are incorporated in the machine design so there will be no extra cost for separate safety fence and gates.