Optibreaker Basic

Egg breaking for small- and medium-sized operations

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic series is the right choice for small- and medium-sized operations to break and separate eggs with a yield and quality equivalent to the largest and most efficient production facilities in the world.

The OptiBreaker Basic series are available in a basic version with a number of options.

Optibreaker Basic

With a lower capacity range, the OptiBreaker Basic series is ideal for small- or medium-sized breaking facilities; companies who want to be self-sufficient or grading stations who need to handle the off-graded eggs.

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Effective, small-scale equipment capable of producing pasteurised egg products which match the quality of large processing facilities.


Functional Ingredients

Improve your final product with MAXAPAL® A2

MAXAPAL® A2 is a pure, non-animal derived phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzyme that helps to improve egg yolk and whole egg emulsifying properties. You will be able to produce enzyme-modified egg yolk, also called 'heat stable' egg yolk.

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