Accumulating tables both for the grading lines and the breaking lines

A new series of accumulating tables both for the grading lines and the breaking lines is introduced.


  • Pre accumulator belt with speed controlled by egg sensors and guides ensuring even distribution to all lanes for, optimal feeding rate and minimum amount of double eggs on the rollers
  • The moving guides are complete in plastic and easily removable for cleaning
  • Improved moving mechanism for the guides CIP option including overhead cleaning of the belts



  • Up to 216,000 eggs/hour (600 cases/hour)
  • The SANOVO OptiAccumulator is available with 76.2 mm pitch for the grading industry and 85 mm pitch for the breaking industry.
  • The pre accumulator belt is available in different lengths. The choice of length of the pre accumulator depends of the layout, such as the position of the egg feed conveyor.
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