Egg Grading

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More output with higher egg quality

In the food and egg processing industry, we have gained the reputation of producing solutions of the highest quality and performance.

Our egg graders handle all popular packaging throughout the world.

We offer a wide range of mechanical and electronical graders which are flexible to be configured to local needs and demands. The lower capacity graders meet all the needs of free-range and cage-free producers.

Choosing an egg grader from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, you get a gentle handling of your eggs to each carton through the most advanced technology available and with superior labour efficiency and low parts usage.

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See an egg grading plant

We have made it easy for you to understand how an egg grading plant is set up. Go in and have a look.

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Exactly the service you need
Service is a key to a better business
Exactly the service you need

We take great pride in everything from supplying the smallest spare part to being a lifetime performance partner. Maximum uptime – high yield – improved product quality – all day – every day is the key to optimise your business. Know-how from SANOVO Service will help you achieve this goal.

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QuoteBox Casa Do Aido - why choose STAALKAT

Eighteen years with no production stops was very convincing and made the decision to purchase new machinery from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY easy.

Helder Costa, owner of Casa do Aido

Casa Do Aido

Do you want production optimised by being able to control the weight of supplied cases? Or do you have a premium market that demands continuous uniform size eggs? Then this is your solution.

Owner Drost Pluimveebedrijf

Drost Pluimveebedrijf
QuoteBox Les Æufs Geslin - coorporation

The cooperation with the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been extremely constructive. It has answered our needs in terms of performance and adapting automation to our specific requirements.

Looking back, it was a fundamental and winning strategy to use a single supplier that took on the whole project without neglecting any details.

Marie Pierre Thomas, Production Manager, and Loic Thomas, Owner, Les Æufs Geslin

Les Oeufs Geslin
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