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Test your product at our Spray Drying Test Center in Denmark. You can book our entire Spray Drying Test Center and test your product on our Box Spray Dryer before investing in the machine.

Our pilot dryer is available for you during R&D and product development. You can test your product before investing in new machinery. Besides testing your product on a pilot unit, you will have experts at your side all the way. We have more than 25 years' experience in building spray dryers and take pride in sharing know-how with you. We take it personally that your spray drying trial is successful and will guide you get the best possible powder from the box dryer.

When you book our Test Center, our team of spray drying experts will be available to assist and guide you through the spray drying test. You will have full access to our pilot dryer and all the necessary laboratory equipment. A long list of products for feed and food can be spray dried on our pilot spray dryer unit and we will be happy to run tests with you, so:

Go ahead and challenge us with your product!

Below you will find all information on our pilot unit, test center and how to book our spray drying test center.


What products can be spray dried?


What products can be spray dried?

Meat Products:

Chicken and meat broth, fish proteins, hydrolyzed meat products, whole blood, plasma and hemoglobin.

Dairy & Egg Products:

Milk, cheese, whey and whey protein concentrate (WPC), whole egg, yolk and egg white.

Food & Ingredients:

Yeast, yeast cell walls, malt extracts.

Vegetable Products:

Soy, sunflower, bean, peas, tomato.

.... and many more

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Your time to market


Your time to market

We know that buying a spray dryer is a complex decision. Therefore we have an organization to support you all the way from your idea of a product, testing if it can be spray dried, dimensioning of the dryer that will fulfill your needs to installation and startup of the dryer at your factory. 

To operate a spray dryer you will also need skilled workers and we will, of course, help to educate them.

Reserve time for a test trial
Reserve time for a test trial

We have installed a box dryer to carry out trials for our existing and new customers.

We invite you to send us a sample of your liquid product, in order to test the quality and properties of your spray dried product produced on Box Spray Dryer Pilot Unit.

This is an ideal opportunity for you, when developing new products for the market.

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Spray Drying test and scope
Pre-examination The pre-examination is a visual inspection of your product to evaluated if it can be spray dried or not.
Drying test This is the full blown test on the test dryer. It will allow you the bring bach some powder for demonstrations, presentation etc. This testing demands product for 5-8 hours of dryer operation. The amount of powder to produced will depend on product properties, demand to heat and solids content etc. The amount of powder will depend on the volume and TS of the feed, number of parameters to be tested etc. Usually the product is brought to Sanovo Technology in IBC containers. Please note: The time from production to drying can have an impact on the final result. Calculate with one sample pr. day.



To support the pilot spray dryer, we have a well equipped laboratory to do initial powder quality test. 

At the laboratory, you can test the quality of your product. We have the equipment to test the liquid product before drying and the powder after drying.

Typical analysis:
Moisture content
Particle size distribution

Spray Drying Egg Products
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Spray Drying Egg Products

Have a look into our main catalogue and explore the details of the SANOVO Box Dryer.


Where is the pilot dryer located?


Where is the pilot dryer located?

The spray drying test machine is located at our headquarters in Odense, Denmark. 

Datavej 3
5220 Odense SØ


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SGA Box Spray Dryer
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SGA Box Spray Dryer

The horizontal spray dryer is a better alternative to traditional spray drying towers for production of powder. The box dryer offer a number of unique benefits:

  • Reduced building height
  • Less cleaning and more uptime
  • No loss of products (higher yield)
  • Reduced Energy consumption

See video and brochure of our horizontal Spray Dryer.


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Karen Bülow-Olsen

Karen Bülow-Olsen

Application Engineer, Spray Drying

Spray Drying Industrial Applications

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Reference visit
Box Dryer Customer
Reference visit

We give you the opportunity to see a box dryer in operation at one of our customers. We will plan a reference visit for you at one of our existing customer's plants. This gives you the opportunity to see the box dryer in action and learn from others’ experiences.

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