Spray drying applications

A wide range of products can be spray dried, the only constraints are that the product has to be liquid, pumpable and without particles larger than 100-500 my. There are many different possibilities of making your product suitable for spray drying. This can be mincing, filtering, cooking or hydrolysis. We collaborate with many different suppliers of equipment and we will be able to help you find the right partner for your upstream process before the box dryer.


Hemoglobin & Plasma

Blood from slaughter houses that can be used as a functional ingredient in food or for feed for example in pet food. Blood can be dried as it is or it can be separated in to plasma and hemoglobin. The SANOVO Gentle Air Box Dryer is widely used for drying blood products. The flat floor of the box dryer makes it easy to go into the dryer to dry clean the box making it possible to switch from the almost black hemoglobin powder to the off-white colored plasma powder.

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Hydrolyzed fish, seaweed & algae

The sea is an enormous source of not yet utilized novel foods. The SANOVO Gentle Air Box Dryer can be used to spray dry products from the more exotic algae protein to the traditional by-products like hydrolyzed fish proteins. Turning the very easily perishable marine products into a shelf stable powder significantly reduces waste, producing a healthy protein that can be used for human consumption or feed.

Plant proteins

Pulses, grass, sunflower, potato

Plant proteins are an important part of the human diet, but traditionally proteins from plants have not been purified. Isolating the plant proteins and drying them into a shelf stable powder will give you new products with endless possibilities.
Pulses usually have a high content of protein, but also starch and fiber. Other plant products, potato or grass have a lower protein content, but given the shear volume of grass you will have a vast good source. After purification and concentration the plant proteins can be spray dried giving you new types of proteins with interesting functionalities that can be used in human food or in animal feed.

Vegetables & Fruits

The waste of vegetables and fruits is enormous. There are many reasons why vegetables and fruits end as waste. It can be that the shelf life is too short or because the fruit or vegetable is too small or simply sub-standard and therefore it is not appealing to the consumer. But extracting the juice from the fruit or vegetable you will have a nutritional vitamin riche product, but it has a very low shelf life and it is expensive to transport because of the high water content. Spray drying can turn fruit and vegetable juice into nutritional colorful shelf stable products that are easy to rehydrate and use for the consumer.

Animal by-products

Gelatine, collagen, broth

Depending of the animal only about 60% is meat. The rest is intestines, blood, bone, skin, tendons and other things we do not normally eat. Normally all parts of the animal is used for some kind of food or feed, for example as bone meal. By refining and hydrolyzing collagen or gelatin from the abattoir you can produce a product that is more bioavailable and has a better nutritional value and therefore has a higher value. Spray drying of the high value proteins ensures that the product quality is sustained and a good solubility of the powder gives you a consumer friendly product.


Novel foods are growing. Everyone is talking about eating insects, but no one really does it yet. One reason could be insects are not appealing if you put them directly on your plate. If the insects are processed into a liquid product and then spray dried this will give you a nutritious powder that can be used in most types of food without having the unappealing visual effect of worms wriggling on your plate or the thought of grasshopper legs getting stuck in your throat.


Milk is probably the most common food to be spray dried and of course a box dryer can also be used to dry dairy products.

Yeast & Fungus

Yeast and fungus are usually grown in large fermentation tanks. After the fermentation the product can go directly to spray drying, or the slurry can be further processed. The processing depends on the product. Do you desire yeast cells, whole yeast cells or yeast extract.

Test center

Pilot Spray Drying Machine

Test your product at our Spray Drying Test Center in Denmark. You can book our entire Spray Drying Test Center and test your product on our Box Spray Dryer before investing in the machine.

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Box dryer

SANOVO Spray Dryer

The SANOVO Gentle-Air Spray Drying Systems for egg liquid products or other similar liquid food ingredients are available in various sizes and can be equipped with numerous types of customer-engineered equipment.

The spray dryers are of the horizontal type and are generally smaller than other dryers with the same capacity, and can often be installed in an existing building.

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