SANOVO Vaccine Optimizer

Reduction in the volume of vaccine used

Reduce in-ovo vaccine usage within the hatchery by an average of 10%.

The SANOVO Vaccine Optimizer introduces advanced individual control to each and every injector on the SANOVO VAX Machine, allowing the hatchery to selectively administer in-ovo vaccine.

Utilizing SANOVO’s Vaccine Optimizer during transfer will reduce in-ovo vaccine usage within the hatchery by an average of 10%.

As poultry vaccines become more advanced and effective at protecting flocks against diseases, their costs also continue to grow for the individual hatchery. SANOVO’s Infertile Egg Remover (IER) pulls clear-eggs from the setter trays allowing the Vaccine Optimizer to selectively administer the vaccine doses.

Adding this technology to the SANOVO VAX platform, recognized as the cleanest in-ovo delivery system available in the market, a hatchery can reduce their volume of vaccine usage by an average of 10%, and as a result benefit from a healthier bottom-line.

SANOVO Vaccine Optimizer

  • Providing clean vaccination and healthier chicks
  • Reduction in the volume of in-ovo vaccine used
  • Savings on vaccine costs for the hatchery
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