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The SANOVO Service Institute is set up to support you and your organisation with technical know-how in order to maximise machine performance and efficiency.

It is our experience that a well-trained staff is more capable of performing essential and correct daily maintenance which minimises downtime and ensures that the equipment operates smoothly. Our qualified and highly skilled instructors have many years of experience in training your operators and maintenance staff.

We offer a balance between theory and practice in our state-of-the-art training facilities that are fully equipped with operating machines. We have developed educational programmes for your operators and maintenance staff that are specifically tailored to your SANOVO equipment. This allows for a more detailed learning of the machine configuration, ensuring maximum output performance. The programme consists of a number of modules individually adapted for both operators and maintenance staff, specific to SANOVO equipment.

Ensure high yield  and minimize downtime with training
Training modules
Ensure high yield and minimize downtime with training

You will learn about functions and principles of the equipment with a focus on operating and maintenance of the machines.

Get the latest tips and tricks to minimise downtime, ensure high yield and improve product quality.

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