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Maximize machine performance and efficiency around the world.

Service is your key to a better business. We take great pride in everything from supplying the smallest spare part to being a lifetime performance partner. Maximum uptime – high yield – improved product quality – all day – every day is the key to optimising your business. Know-how from SANOVO Service will help you achieve this goal.

Our vision at SANOVO Service is to give you the tools to protect your investment. This includes training and education of your operators and maintenance personnel. We know that it is not possible to hand over years of know-how, so in cases of more complex problems, we recommend a long-term and secure strategy that includes a customised SANOVO Service Contract.

Service is your key to a better business
Ensure high yield  and minimize downtime with training
service institute
Ensure high yield and minimize downtime with training

The SANOVO Service Institute is set up to support you and your organisation with technical know-how in order to maximise machine performance and efficiency.

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Control your operational costs and  ensure the systems’ lifetime
Service contracts
Control your operational costs and ensure the systems’ lifetime

Our equipment is built to last, but as with everything else, it needs care to perform 24/7.

We offer to sign you up for a service contract that meets your performance requirements.

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Our webshop makes everything easier
Shop parts online
Our webshop makes everything easier

Our customised webshop provides easy access for you to order new spare parts for your equipment.

In your personalised webshop, you will find interactive 3D plans of your equipment, and orders can be placed with just a click on the spare part needed.

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Equipment built to last
Equipment built to last

Our equipment is built to last with a robust design and high quality - just have a look at the SANOVO 400 Egg Breaking and Separating machine from 1969, which is still running today 48 years after it left the factory in Denmark.


Read the full story and watch a movie here

QuoteBox OvoPrime - training and installation

At all points in the process, the cooperation with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been outstanding. The installation was carried out according to plan, and we received all the necessary training. On the few times when it was needed, it has always been easy to call SANOVO’s office in Argentina for assistance.

Mr Ordóñez, Owner (right in the picture)

QuoteBox Adrian Goede - Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation was done very professionally, and it was a pleasure to work with the enthusiastic engineers. The two lines were installed in one week, and everything worked perfectly the first time.

Dirk Goede, Owner of Adriaan Goede B.V.

Adriaan Goede B.V.

We are very satisfied with the SANOVO equipment. The complete plant has been started up in only few days, and we started breaking and pasteurising eggs only few days after the delivery of the plant. Our end product is of high quality and the smell, taste and texture is not different when compared to shell eggs.

Owner Innovo

QuoteBox Kamil Dalgic, Fast support, service and spare parts

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP always provides fast support, service and spare parts.
Thank you on behalf of the company Kozlu egg production and myself.